Carbon dating shroud error repair

[Bristol and Philadelphia: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1996], 303).Gove even jokingly compares the possibility that the carbon dating is wrong to the possibility that "the law of gravity is in error" (305).In my quotation above, Meacham referred to "the still unknown conditions of image formation".

Though Jull and Farey stand by the 1988 testing, both acknowledge that some significant doubts have been raised about it, whether doubts in their own minds or others' doubts.Sometimes, people will object to the Shroud by citing the 1988 carbon dating alone, as if that dating by itself is sufficient reason to dismiss the Shroud.Harry Gove, a scientist who had a prominent role in developing carbon dating technology and bringing about the 1988 dating of the Shroud, suggested that the 1988 tests allow for only about a "one in a thousand trillion" chance that the Shroud dates to the first century (Relic, Icon Or Hoax?We should also factor in the evidence we have for error specifically in the case of the Shroud.Another factor to take into account is our ignorance about how the Shroud image was formed.

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