Capricorn man and capricorn woman dating mlp dating

I really want to break it off to go back with my scopion guy im just not s ure if I i want to take that chance leaving my baby daddy for that other guys.I am cap female, just met cap guy ..showed shy, and so am I , the convos are runnin so smooth, the intellect and knowing someone can relate to me is amazing...itsonly been a week and seeing some of these comments are kinda making me feel like maybe I should step back, but my heart and body keeps telling jump in for the long haul as this is something we both in our 40's agree we are hoping for with anyone we are willing to get to know, because all the other jibber jabbers is a waste of time. I'm a Capricorn man and I'm dating a Capricorn woman. The sweetest jerk I've ever met, he carries the world's problems on his shoulders and disappears to solve them I guess. He neglects me not to be cruel, but to accomplish something greater than him, greater than us. Everything was great starting off of course we get along very well we know everyother like the back of our hands.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. He never said anything back, it was like talking to a brick wall. I met a Capricorn man he seemed nice at first but after a few weeks he just stopped talking to me ,without any explanation. I'd be very careful if I ever met another Capricorn man as he was the only Capricorn man I ever dated . Yes, I would never put everyone in the same group but I am smarter about it now.

The other guys with the different zodiacs just doesn't and will never compare to him. In the beginning everything was sooo perfect between us: he would cook, take care of me when I was sick, continually be on the phone etc.

Me and my Capricorn guy were messing around while he was dating my Best friend who is a Gemini by the way. That's why we love the L-O-V-E word.:) Right now I like this guy he is a Capricorn I really want him to see me for. And we had this on and off relationship for 6 years, though we were both married. But like any other typical Cap man, he would just disappear without a word and totally shut me off.

I feel like he me use because he only come when he want to and he always talk about himself I don't know im soo confused I want him to feel the way I feel and to understand my ways im always there 100% to help him but he is never there Please help.. He's with another woman now but still won't let me go.

because when I move on it's too late so open your mouth and speak!! I was immediately attracted to this one Capricorn man. We are similar and passionate and our sex drive is high. At first he was the sweetest guy I have evr meet in my intire life He was protective and literally give me a lot of his time which I thought was great since thats what I needed from him.

after high school I move to utah for about 2month and went back to him because I was missing him like crazy, I quit going to college and work just to be with him I came back we move in together later I know I was pregnant he was happy and all.

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