Bosco myolie dating

When asked why she didn’t invite Bosco to travel with her, Myolie said “If I go alone, I will be able to visit my old friends”.

Since she went on vacation with Bosco to Japan in the past, why doesn’t she travel with him this time around?

(Star Hub TVB Awards 2013 Pt 2) After a year of post break-up hostility, TVB stars Myolie Wu ...

Myolie Wu to focus on career after breakup (Star Hub TVB Awards 2012 Pt 3) Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu won't comment on her recent breakup with actor Bosco Wong, but she did say she wants to focus on her career for the time being.

Since breaking up with Bosco, Myolie has been rumored with Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) younger brother and Triumph in the Skies 2 costar, Adrian Chau (周志文).

Denying the rumors, Myolie made it clear that she is not interested in dating younger men.

Jealous of Leslie Cheung There are reports that Anita Yuen enjoys being a “Following Wife” (following him around), in order to block Julian from peach blossoms (Chinese saying for having luck in new relationships with the opposite sex). He said, “Back in the days when Anita and Leslie filmed together, Iwas shocked when I saw their emotional or intimate scenes. Julian’s new album will include a duet with Myolie Wu. She said, “With a singing voice that hasn’t been heard for so long time, I got so emotional, I almost cried listening to it.

Myolie replied, “It was different back then since others came along as well”. As she immediately realized that she has said the wrong thing, Myolie awkwardly answered again, saying “He’s not my boyfriend”.

When asked “Why don’t you introduce your boyfriend to you old friends? News Source: credits: L3nda @ https://hkentnews.Julian Cheung will be performing at Hong Kong Coliseum in October After 5 years of not releasing albums, Julian will be releasing his comeback album in October under Neway Star.

She said: two months ago the apricot and I shared the joy, but......

On the day of shooting scenes, we are hitting each other, today you see micro-blog, too happy, apricot, bless you.

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