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Stephen Hartke converted Arev Sans to Type 1 format, and created the virtual fonts and packages for using Arev Sans in La Te X. 2007, which published many extensive free sans and sans serif families by Hirwen Harendal, who supports Open Source projects.The purpose of ADF is to provide a large number of high quality fonts (174 fonts as of the end of August 2007). Rees, most notably on the Te X part and the extensive Venturis family.Starting from a bitmap (BMF format) font, via a free Python program written by him, one can generate Open Type fonts.The free program, graphicore BMFB has many parameters/options/settings, that allow one to generate very many children of the BMF font.In 2010 it was selected as the default User Interface font for GNOME 3. He did not like certain spacing decisions in Menlo, and so decided to make Meslo LG, where LG stands for Line Gap.Petra Sans (2017) is a further development of Cantarell by Cristiano Sobral. The free family, made in 2009-2010, consists of these styles: Meslo LGL-Bold, Meslo LGL-Bold Italic, Meslo LGL-Italic, Meslo LGL, Meslo LGM-Bold, Meslo LGM-Bold Italic, Meslo LGM-Italic, Meslo LGM, Meslo LGS-Bold, Meslo LGS-Bold Italic, Meslo LGS-Italic, Meslo LGS. 1986) of Tal (2014), a full set of numerals in many weights for use on small devices.Finally, in 2009 or 2010, he started work on the Google Font Directory. Tal is advertized as free, but there are no download buttons anywhere. In 2015, he published Gidole Regular and the monoline sans programming font families Monoid and Mono 16, which cover Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. [ Motivated by mathematical applications, the "Arev" set of fonts adds Greek, Cyrillic, Latin-A, and some Latin-B, and Symbol characters (music and math, mainly) to Bitstream's Vera fonts.Dave works as a typographic consultant to the Google Fonts project and gives financial support to libre type projects including Font Forge, Glyphr Studio and Metapolator. In 2014, he also created the Open Source fonts Gidole Play (later renamed Gidolinya) and Gidole Sans [micropage], which is patterned after DIN 1451 and uses Euler spirals. Gidole was forked and extended in 2016 at Open Font Library by Cristiano Sobral as Normung. Stephen Schrenk (whose nom de plume is Tavmjong Bah) created the Arev Sans font.

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In 2009, for his MA work at Reading, he designed Cantarell, a free sans family, done together with Jakub Steiner, free at CTAN and Open Font Library. Cantarell was there at the launch of Google Fonts and has become widespread. As he says, Meslo LG is a customized version of Apple's Menlo-Regular font (which is a customized Bitstream Vera Sans Mono).Free CSS has 2731 free website templates coded using HTML & CSS in its gallery.The HTML website templates that are showcased on Free are the best that can be found in and around the net.My design philosophy centers around the parameterisation and automation of design to improve the design process, and some of my old ideas are published at He is a proponent of open source code and of free fonts, and involves himself with dedication in the Open Font Library project.

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