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The window will instantly have no messages, but everything is still there if you go to see the full conversation.Keep in mind that this does not delete any messages How To Archive a Conversation Definitely not. You can hide messages by archiving them, but they won’t actually disappear for good.Find the cogwheel at the top of the tiny window and look through ‘Actions’. The chat window will minimize and in the background you will notice that you now have a full-sized version of the same chat.Look for the cogwheel button again; it has ‘Actions’ written right beside it.If you simply want to clear the window without actually deleting the conversation, you can do this in the tiny chat window.Click the cogwheel and choose the ‘Clear conversation’ option.Today you have the freedom to choose on which device you want to chat in Skype.

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Click on it and it will pop up at the bottom right of your browser in a tiny window.

At the same time all your instant chat messages are being synchronized with your i Pad at home and could be read involuntarily. Typos and wrong recipients in emails are not exceptional, but chatting gives us more freedom and possibility to make such mistakes.

Frankly speaking, on touch screens we slip and blunder even more often.

Find below a step by step guide on how to delete text messages on Facebook chat.

How to Delete a Message The first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account.

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