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If it's bound via Linq Data Source, Sql Data Source or Object Data Source I suggest you have a look at the Updating Event.

There you have access to the object via the Event Args. New Object or something like that You can cast this property into the corresponding type and make your changes.

You can still use different Java Script hacks (i.e.

use some calculated columns Java Script to apply conditional formatting to the row).

In Share Point 2013 and Office 365 this functionality is gone.

Rather than talking let’s create a Web Form where we will use a List View control to support CRUD operations for our items.

To give you a taste about how our List View will look like, take a look at the following picture which will be the costumized template for displaying Review objects.

control is probably the best among all data bind build-in controls in ASP. There is one drawback though: you need to know exactly how control works with other controls such as the Data-Source controls and despite the fact that Visual Studio allows to configure the control via the Design mode from the Smart Tag, the most times you will need to change the generated code in order to function properly.

NET Web Forms developers and is preferred between other similar controls, such as the . It supports all the CRUD operations for your data-binded items plus is fully customizable.

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