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While Indian museums are well known to specialists, Indian private collections and collectors are largely unknown to both the specialists and the larger audience.

Le dernier ouvrage de Pratapaditya Pal est une contribution importante à la connaissance de l’art indien.

These images allow global access to one of the greatest artistic treasures of Tibet for the first time.

represents both devotion and labor, often achieved quietly and privately during spare moments snatched from a long day of domestic duties.

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Similar terms Use the "~" symbol to return similar terms.["standing buddha"] will only find that exact phrase.Not If you don't want a term or phrase, use the "-" symbol.Les grands musées indiens sont assez bien connus par les spécialistes mais les collections privées indiennes et les collectionneurs restent relativement ignorés par les spécialistes et le grand public. The Mānadeva and Śaka eras, both of which were referred to in inscriptions made during the Licchavi period (C.200-879) in Nepal, have been a subject of scholarly debate for over a century.

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