Are jim and pam dating in real life

Look, Pam and Jim will always be part of my top 10 TV couples, but let's have some fun by analyzing how these two can be seen as the bad guy and woman of the comedy.With that said, here are 12 reasons why Jim and Pam were villains in Scranton, Pennsylvania.As much as I hate to say it, but Pam and Jim can be seen as villains.

No matter who it was (mainly Dwight), the two couldn't resist joking with others.At the end, they call each other at the exact same time, getting each other’s voicemail – the next sequence is adorable as they unknowingly recall the exact same story to each other. Doesn’t matter…she stopped trusting him a long time ago and has been sleeping with Roy anyway. It becomes dark, spiteful, manipulative – Jim acts out and has sex with Angela, and gets chlamydia, but then he lies about it and gives Pam chlamydia. ” The duration of their relationship is not what we’ve seen on television; there is no baby, no marriage, no incredible acts of kindness.

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