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And this story had drama on the home side, too." Read more Clint Eastwood's Oscars Challenge: Getting Liberal Voters to Love ' American Sniper' As is almost always the case in Hollywood, it's impossible to say whose idea it originally was to make the movie.Hall went to Texas to meet Kyle at the suggestion of producer Peter Morgan ( ), who thought there might be a film in Kyle's story. Loeb in turn had heard about Kyle from Kyle Bass, a Dallas hedge fund investor (and owner of the Barefoot Ranch) who had helped Kyle start a security training business after he retired from the Navy in 2009.“Erin’s quite obviously tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic Instagram comments were pointed at those who can’t seem to grasp that her dad and Kat can be colleagues, collaborators and longtime friends without it being some big romance.They can’t even perform together without people saying they’re headed down the aisle.It’s the second hang-out in as many days for the duo, having attended Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies together.“They seemed to be having a fun,” an eyewitness told E! “They were chatting with the people in the seats next to them….

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In any case, the day after the impromptu wrestling match in 2010, Kyle invited Hall to his home to meet his wife, Taya, and their kids.

Jason Hall's first meeting with Chris Kyle didn't start out so well.

The screenwriter flew from Los Angeles to Texas in 2010 to meet the ex-Navy SEAL at the Barefoot Ranch near Dallas, where Kyle was drinking with a bunch of Texas Rangers.

Hall's script, as filmed by Clint Eastwood with Bradley Cooper in the starring role, has become something of a cinematic Rorschach test. "I had come to love the guy," says Hall, his voice cracking with emotion as he recalls his last communication with Kyle, the day before his murder. I hope you work again.' " Eastwood (left) on set with Cooper.

"I was ready to turn in the first draft of the script on Feb. "War pictures are always fascinating for people," says the director.

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