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You will get an option to send the same message to multiple people by adding the contacts in the recipient list.

Click on the ‘ ’ sign on the right and select the names from your contact list. Format your text You can now send messages in bold, too.

If you have all features already there, you may not remember half of them at use.

And lastly, each feature is rolled out after thoroughly testing for efficiency, data saving and performance.

”So, we know break up is really hard to do, but there are techniques to help you make things go as smoothly as possible.

When breaking the news to a guy that it is over, be crystal clear that it is absolutely O-V-E-R.

So be kind and make it clear to them that they need to move on.

Sure, talking through your feelings with a friend can be helpful when working up the courage to break up, but try to limit yourself to how many people heard the test-run of your dumping speech. and when he finds out from someone other than you, he’ll feel more devastated and very much humiliated. Get some woman courage and tell them in the face – answering machine, emails, text messages, post-its and faxes are not cool ways to break up.

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If you want either one of you to maintain your dignity, tell him the truth.We have put together almost all the 40 features, tips and tricks that users could use with Whats App to become a Whats App jockey. Send a single message to multiple people at once Broadcasting a single message to multiple people at once is possible.Simply click on the menu (three dot ellipse) and select ‘New broadcast’.It may seem nice to offer the possibility that one day in the future, you two will find your way back into each other’s arms, but this gives the poor fella false hope.And with false hope come drunken calls at 3am, asking if you are ready to take him back yet.

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