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For a taste of what to expect, we’ve put together a rather epic list of some of the best jokes and one-liners that have had audiences giggling in the Scottish capital over recent years.*Warning: contains some adult material* “Crime in multi-storey car parks.inadvertently diming out his pal, and seriously making us wonder if he's ever been anyone's wingman. In the end, it always works out," the source explained adding "She holds him down and is always there no matter what." "They went through a lifetime together ...Sometimes Chris can't even look at her because it reminds him of the s--- he did years ago. Want to feel it in your fingers, feel it in your toes, and finally understand the true meaning of Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Love Is All Around’ song?Ironically, that’s how he lost his job in disaster relief.” Mark Watson (2014) “I really wish ISIS would stop playing violent video games and listening to Marilyn Manson.” Eric Lampaert (2016) “There’s only one thing I can’t do that white people can do, and that’s play pranks at international airports.” Nish Kumar (2014) “How do people make new mates?Asking for a friend.” Steve Bugeja (2016) “I wanted to do a show about feminism.

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Its called the Daily Mail.” Hayley Ellis (2016) “When I was younger I felt like a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

Then I was born.” Yianni (2015) “I was playing chess with my friend and he said, ‘Let’s make this interesting’. I don’t have a licence.” Felicity Ward (2012) “I was very naive sexually.

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